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 We offer the following services.

Machine Tool BreakdownsCNC Machine Tool Breakdowns.

 Whether its FANUC control faults, drive faults, drive optimization,
 encoder faults, PCB failures, PLC faults, Axis ballscrew and bearing issues,
 machine alignments, decommissioning and recommissioning.

 Machine breakdowns take priority, we know that a down machine costs our
 customers money.

CNC Control BreakdownsCNC Control Backup.

 We backup all your important user files, incase the inevitable happens.
 A hard copy is then given to you for safe keeping or for extra security
 it can also be kept on our server for 12 months.

DNC Data CommunicationDNC Data Communication.
PMC / PLC ProgrammingPMC & PLC Programming.
Machine Automation InterfacingMachine Automation Interfacing.
Interfacing ancillary equipmentInterfacing ancillary equipment to include:
 -Additional axis.
 -Bar feeders.
 -Rotary index tables.
 -Coolant systems.
 -Fixturing control.
 -Monitoring systems.

Machine Tool Annual ServicingCNC Machine Tool Annual Servicing.

 We offer annual or biannual service contracts.
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